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2017 Traminette
Price: $19.00

Aroma of tea rose and wildflowers. Tropical fruit on the palate. Smooth mouthfeel and a fresh finish. 100% Estate fruit chilled overnight then pressed the next day. Fermented and aged in stainless steel tanks. Cold stabilized prior to bottling.

2017 Syrah
Price: $34.00

Aroma of red fruit also on the palate. Balanced acidity with medium tannin and a nice finish. 100% Syrah fermented in open topped containers with a variety of yeasts selected to highlight the fruit characteristics. Aged in neutral oak barrels.

2017 Barrel Chardonnay
Price: $35.00

Light gold color with aroma of stone fruit. Creamy and smooth on the palate with a lingering warm finish. 100% Chardonnay. Fermented with new French barrels. Secondary malolatic fermentation was completed. Aged over six months.

2017 Seyval Blanc
Price: $28.00

100% estate fruit. Crisp and light with the aroma of fresh cut grass and citrus. Balanced acidity, slight minerality, smooth on the palate with a lovely finish. pairs well with seafood and spicy cuisine.

2017 Estate Norton
2017 Estate Norton
Price: $38.00

Dark purple color, aroma of blueberry. Juicy, dark fruit  on the palate with nice acidity and a warm finish. 100% estate fruit, fermented in open topped containers. Aged for five months in Virginia oak barrels of different ages. Completed full malolactic fermentation

2017 Peanut's Petit Cuvee
2017 Peanut's Petit Cuvee
Price: $28.00

Beautiful pink color with aroma of red fruit. Strawberries and cream on the palate with a smooth finish. 2.25% residual sugar with balanced acidity for a refreshing sip. 35% Vidal Blanc, 65% Chambourcin. All estate fruit. Vidal was tank fermented with yeast chosen to highlight the fruit and citrus notes. Chambourcin was fermented in open topped containers with yeast chosen to highlight the fruit characteristics and then aged in Virginia oak barrels. Blended just prior to bottling.