Word of Mouth


BOW is a great place to enjoy great wines, make new friends and enjoy the day (or evening).  Don't believe us?  Check out what some of ours customers have to say:

"The doggies had a great time running around and playing with each other. I will definitely be coming back here with my pup!"

  - Michelle, Springfield, VA

"I really enjoyed myself at BOW. The grounds are very nice and the tasting room is huge. I went on a very nice Saturday and the place was packed. In spite of this, the server was very attentive, informed and patient."

  - C.W., Washington, DC

"Gorgeous grounds, patio area, tasting room.  If you sit outside in the patio area, they have fire pits and wood and you can make your own fire around which to sit.  Delightful!"

  - Sarah J., Alexandria, VA

"This is, truly, one of the happiest places on the planet, right up there with Walt Disney World!"

  - Dennis T., Catlett, VA

"I would definitely come back here again!  The staff was very friendly, nice spacious and open tastin

g room.  I really enjoyed their wines!!"

  - Stephanie A., Chantilly, VA

"I was very impressed with this visit and the owner, Brian Roeder, was very personable and very involved with the patrons. He would go around and say "Hi" to everyone.'

   - Gene W., Syracuse, NY

"Props to Barrel Oak Winery.  The owner, Brian Roeder, is passionate about the wine industry in Virginia and rightfully proud of this winery.  He's a gregarious sort and always takes time to visit the guests, even if he has a packed house.  He has ample tables outside, and even when the parking lot resembles the lot at Wolf Trap, you'll find a place to sit.  The dogs - well, it's called BOW for a reason.  The dogs are well behaved and the owners are as well."

  - David R., Reston, VA   

"I love this place.  It's spacious, comfortable and very dog/rescue friendly.  Yay!  They have a good selection of wines and very reasonable tasting fees."

  - Terra G., Dale City,  VA

"I love BOW. I love that they take the time to promote dog adoption/rescue and also the big open spaces, the outdoor area is so nice!  I also think the owners are down to earth and very personable..they allow dogs on the premises which always makes it more fun!  I would recommend BOW to anyone in the area. It's a fun place to be!" 

  - Kristy N., Sterling, VA

"This is the local Cheers atmoshpere. Brian makes it a point to know his customers. The have the best Norton on the map! If you want a great time this is the place to go. Inside or outside it is sure to please. With the varities of wine they offer there is something for everyones palate. The barrel bar and balcony is a must see design"

  - Beverly H., Culpeper, VA

"Revisited BOW yesterday and toured the production area and watched the sunset.  I was glad to come back as I feel the winery has come a long way since my last visit.  The wines are more complex than I remembered and I was very impressed with the balanced Rose` that wasn't overpowering with sugar like most are."

  - Valerie C., Alexandria, VA

"Absolutely love this winery. The facilities are gorgeous -- great to visit even during the colder months for the beautiful indoor seating and fireplace, but the outdoor patio and seating is lovely. The wine is just wonderful of course (and loved the sangria!), but there is so much more than wine -- from the music to the organic fare. Great for a date, and definitely a perfect destination with friends for a picnic."

  - Catherina H., Washington, DC

"Amazing. A place where we can bring our dog and drink fine wine on a cold winter day? We honestly did not want to leave. I highly recommend tuckering the dog out at Sky Meadows first as we did  (http://roamingtheplane...), and then driving the short distance to Barrel Oak for a tasting and a glass of Chocolate Lab (infused with cocoa nibs). Friendly faces and wagging tails will greet you!"

  - Elaine J., Sterling, VA   

"The Norton is hands down one of the best wines I have ever had..worth the wait for it to be back in season."

  - Michael M., Alexandria

"I just wanted to compliment you on your beautiful grounds and building, along with your frien

dly and knowledgeable staff. We very much enjoyed our tasting, and will be back to replenish our purchases (which I'm sure won't last long!)." 

  -  Mary Beth

"I visited your winery last week for the first time and I can guarantee that it will not be the last. I enjoyed the winery, watching wine being made, and of course the spectacular views. Your winery is one of the most spectacular I have ever been to!"

  -  Amanda

"You truly are the "Best, of the Best."  Thank you again for such a wonderful experience!  You DO Raise the Bar! 

  -  Yvette

"We love Barrel Oak for the regular and obvious reasons... great wine... beautiful place to relax... right down to those awesome faucets in the WC!  But for me, my best reason is just the mentality of you and your lovely bride when it comes to giving back to the community who so loves you.  If I have a choice of drinking wine at a place where I feel like cattle being moved through a chute with commercialism written all over it or a place where I come in and feel appreciated and welcomed as a friend by staff and owners and the main order of business (aside from crushing and bottling) is "who can we help this week with food or donations?" then by golly, we're going to pa

tron the place that realizes that success is just another opportunity to help those who need it."

  -  Kim 

"You have a wonderful friendly staff and since I have 2 spoiled active Golden Retrievers you are special to me!" 

  -  Beth