BOW has partnered with these fine businesses over the years and Highly recommend them 


AA Vineyards Grafted Grape Vine - Excellent Vineyard Vines for the home or commercial operation.

Ana Selection - for quality French and Virginia oak barrels.

Carr & Hyde Insurance - Our insurer - great people!

Euro-Machines -  supplied and maintains our beautiful press, as well as the destemmer and wine pump.

Fortessa - Brilliant glass and table wear.

Grafted Grapevine Vineyards - Very sweet people with excellent vines available.

GW Kent, Inc. -  for our cellar tools and hardware, including hoses, valves, clamps, gaskets, etc.

Hauser Packaging - supplies our wine bottles.

Helena Chemical Company - for all of our vineyard and winemaking chemicals.

Nadalie Cooperage - for quality French, Virginia and Hungarian oak barrels.

Orchard Valley Supply -  for all of our vineyard & harvest supplies, including pruning shears, harvest snips, bamboo training stakes, trellis wire fasteners & bird scare balloons.

Ramoudin Capsules - everyone loves those beautiful copper colored capsules with the paw print on top.

Roberts Oxygen  - for our argon, nitrogen, CO2 & other compressed gas needs in the production cellar.

Scott Laboratories - for all of our fermentation supplies, as well as corks and filter pads.

The Country Vintner - for our wholesale wine purchases.

Vinquip South Africa - provided our custom-built stainless steel tanks.

Waterloo Container - supplies our wine bottles.

Wineware - provider of our computer POS services.