Another amazing weekend in the country! Just like the weekend before Christmas, it's Groundhog Day! It's deja vu all over again! It's Snowmas! It's the Snowpocalypse! I am getting familiar with the words "accumulation of 18-24 inches". Do you think that they ever have this problem in Napa? 

Folks, there's more than a few reasons why we work harder for excellence in Virginia.

Anyhoo, obviously only the hardiest will be out and about this weekend. We all know that. These people have four wheel drives and little common sense. They are imprudent thrill seekers. They laugh at fear when others run and sometimes they end up in a ditch wheels up along with their insurance rates. Then again some of them, like the few lemmings that make it through the gambit, end up at their destination unscathed and rewarded. Yes, these brave if senseless souls are our customers. And I will personally welcome each of you at BOW today, Friday, up until 9pm, tomorrow from noon till 9pm, and Sunday from noon till 6pm. I will of course plow the driveway. Bring the 4x4. Get 25% off your cases of wine for being foolhardy enough to brave the elements! It may be just us and the newly installed fireplace stove (warm! yummy!) but we will be here, hangin' out together.

For the rest of you, have you ever heard the words "winter-induced bankruptcy?" Well, get used to them, because they are the new "IT-word" around here. To make sure that they remain just words and not deeds, we offer the following: Whip out the credit card, call Brian at 703-798-8308, order a case of wine and repeat after me: "winter-induced bankruptcy" or "weather-induced bankruptcy" or...well you get the idea; and you too shall receive 25% off your case of wine! We'll keep it here for your next visit, safe and ready to enjoy. For those of you making the hale trip out this weekend, repeat these magical words and receive an additional 5% off your wine for a total savings of 30%! Heck, I'll even buy you a glass of wine.

Well, that's the best we can muster in the face of impending doom. Here's to hoping that if we are all buried in the permafrost, that they exhume our perfectly preserved bodies thousands of years in the future and revive us into a land abundant in wine! 

Till then, Sharon and I and the dogs will be at BOW --perhaps all alone if staff can't make it off the mountain-- watching movies, laughing, playing, telling stories, eating lasagna, and drinking great wine in front of the fire. Hope to see you here! Feel free to call!