Enjoy Barrel Oak Winery delivered to your door! We present our BOW by Mail shipping club*. 

BOW by Mail - $99 for the first 3 months (Three, 2 bottle shipments) Free Shipping*

* $39 per month thereafter with Free Shipping where states allow*

* Monthly pick up OR shipment of 2 BOW wines(one red, one white) delivered by the 20th of every month

* Wines available by the case for extreme discount $16 per bottle and $21 for Reserves, until the 15th of the following month (pick up or free shipping*)

* Will call customers – you and a guest will be offered a glass of wine from the current tasting menu

* No fee to join, cancel any time after the first FIVE (5) months

*Shipping is free where permitted by state shipping laws


Join Today!