Own a part of Barrel Oak Winery

Barrel Cru Club - Two Year Membership $1,095

  • Primary Member (PM) will own one of our aged NON-Branded Barrels
  • Bow will assist in creating a personalized plaque for the barrel to identify it in the cellar
  • Receive a mixed case (12 bottles) of Barrel Oak wine per year (TOTAL OF 2 CASES)
  • PM receives a 20% discount on wine purchased by the glass, bottle or case during your membership
  • PM is eligible for FREE BOW or WOW tasting for up to 8 folks when the PM is present at the winery
    • When a party of 8 or greater is planned, you must call in advance for a tasting reservation
  • Enjoy three private Barrel Cru Club parties per year. (PM plus one) Very special wines are sampled
  • PM is invited to BOW WOW Pot Luck Events to include a total of four in your party. Held once a month on Sundays from June to September. Includes a complimentary glass of wine per guest. Expects to taste special samples and receive discounts that day.
  • Receive 10% discount on facility private rentals
  • PM has the option to either take the barrel home or sell it back to BOW for $50 at the end of the term
  • Receive discounts to renew your membership
  • PM receives two (2) membership cards, one extra to share with spouse or significant other


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