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Smart phone?  Get apps!

VA Wine in my Pocket


Do you have way too many Virginia wine maps but can never seem to find them when you need them? Look no further!  This app allows you to view all Virginia wineries, their distance from your current location, hours, tasting fees and more!  Time to turn that map into a checklist eh?



Ever try to figure out what kind of wine would pair best with that favorite meal of yours?  Let WineStein do it for you. Just enter your menu items based on a list of 1,000 ingredients and this app will let you know what wines will pair the best with it.


Wine Notes



If you don’t have that pen or paper handy, maybe it's time to switch over to the digital age with this cool app.  It lets you rate and review wines, store your flavor profiles and pictures, inventory the wines you own and you can even create a “wish list” for the next time you are in the wine aisle. wine info


A great app to keep track of all your wines.  Consumed, purchased, or in your cellars will keep a record of it for you.


Wine Snob


So ready to take your wine obsession to the next level?  Check out this app that helps you understand food and wine pairings, terminology and much more.  After you use it a bit you will have a visual representation of your palate from general ratings to price ranges.  Cool stuff!